Port dues and taxes

Mooring fees

For vessels of the current decision the mooring fees are zero.

Berthing fees

Small vessels (Law 4256/2014)0 - 7 m. 11 € / metre
Professional tourist vessels (Law 4256/2014) ανεξαρτήτως μήκους 30 € / metre
Professional yachts (Law 4256/2014)7,01 m. και άνω 73 € / metre
Private yachts (Law 4256/2014) 7,01 - 10 m. 150 € / metre
10,01 - 15 m. 170 € / metre
15,01 and above200 € / metre
Traditional ships (Law 4256/2014)regardless of length30 € / metre

The daily berthing cost with mooring, is calculated from the prices of the above tables multiplied by the length of the ship and divided by the yealy number of days 365. The result is rounded to the nearest two decimal places.

Berthing cost calculator

Calculate the daily berthing cost with mooring. Select the appropriate category and enter its length in meters. Then select ‘Calculate’

Side berthing fees

The side berthing fees for professional yachts, private yachts, small vessels, professional tourist and traditional vessels are calculated from an additional 25% of the respective berthing fee with mooring.

Special mooring fees

The vessels of the current decision, which are permanently moored in harbors with port facilities (power, water etc.) and which are in a state of standstill due to damage, inspection, seizure, detention etc., for more than a year, have to apply for special mooring fees as follows:

  • Professional yachts, private yachts, professional tourist and traditional vessels, yearly 280,00 €.
  • Small vessels, yearly 70,00 €.

These special mooring fees should be paid once yearly until the 1st of March of the current year.

Special discounts

Α. If berthing fees are paid in advance, the following discount apply:

a) 20% if paid in one month in advance
b) 30% if paid 6 months in advance
c) 40% if paid 1 year in advance

Β. Sailing boats, as well as vessels for the current decision, which take part in races, are exempted from all the above fees, during the race takes place and as stated by the decision of the Municipal Port Fund which is also sent to the Port Authority.

C. Traditional ships, which are used as museum for open access to the public, are exempted from all the above fees..


1. All fees stated above do not include VAT or other legal charges.

2. The Port Funds, the Municipal Port Funds as well as the Port Authorities, should collaborate for implementing the rules of the ministral decision.

3. The Port Funds and the Municipal Port Funds should:

a) Inform customers to declare their intention for the time wishing for berthing their vessels.

b) In collaboration with the Port Authorities, to ensure quickly the berthing positions for the vessels, and tracking down the berthing process.

4. The validity of payments from berthing should be carried out by the port operators.

5. The fees from the current decision, are contributed and invested by the port operators for maintenance and improvement of port facilities and services provided in the port areas..

6. Since the start of execution of the current decision the common ministral decisions 8122.1/14/06/2.3.2006 (Β’ 330) and the decision 8122.1/35/2006/23.06.2006 (Β’926) are cancelled.