Port of Agnontas

Only 8km from the Chora of Skopelos visitors can admire the amazing landscape of Agnontas, which was named after the pride of ancient Peparithos, the Olympic Winner Agnontas or Agnon. Agnon returned to his homeland, Skopelos, after winning at the 568 B.C. Olympic Games in Olympia. It is said that the Olympic winner disembarked at this area. In his honor, the inhabitants of ancient Peparithos depicted his face on a silver coin of the classical age.

Apart from its rich history, Agnontas is also known for its natural beauty, which attracts many visitors. Verdant pine landscapes and an unforgettable sunset make Agnontas a unique tourism destination.

There is also a picturesque and welcoming little port, where numerous fishing boats dock and provide local fishtaverns with fresh fish.

This beautiful location is easily accessible – only 8km from Chora and it takes 10 minutes by car to get there.

Χάρτης Θέσεων Λιμένα Αγνώντα 2020