Neo Klima

Another area worth a visit is Elious, a magnificent location full of pine trees, as well as the villages Neo Klima and PalaioKlima. The beautiful seaside village Neo Klima, founded in 1981, is 18km NW of Chora near the forest of Vathia on mount Delphi. The village PalaioKlima is located between Neo Klima and Glossa, with old stone houses built amphitheatrically overlooking the Aegean Sea.

In the area of Neo Klima, a Tourist Boat Shelter was created for docking tourist boats. Touristsflock to the area due to its orientation to the west that offers views to incredible sunsets.

This beautiful seaside location, the enchanting little port, the exotic beaches with the emerald waters and the surrounding pine trees are the ingredients of an ideal vacation destination.

Neo Klima is 18,8 km from Chora of Skopelos and it takes about 25 minutes by car through the route of AgiosRiginos.

Through the route of Staphylos-Agnontas visitors can get to Neo Klima in about 30 minutes (23,4 km). Finally, taking the route of Glysteri-Karya Mount Delphi you can get there in 23 minutes (about 13,9 km).

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