Port of Skopelos

According to the legend, Ancient Peparithos was founded by the Minoans in 16th c. B.C. at the location, where modern day Chora of Skopelos is. When Cretans arrived on the island, they spread their knowledge on winemaking and oil production.

The view of Chora from the port is an unforgettable image for first time visitors. In Skopelos, visitors have the opportunity to explore amazing landscapes, following a trail network. One of the most beautiful trails starts from Pigadaki, close to the beach, and leads to the imposing Venetian Castle.

Even though visitors today can admire only remains of these imposing walls, constructed in 3rd c. by the prominent Gisi family originating from Venice, they will also have the opportunity to enjoy the view from the top. On the way back, visitors can explore the picturesque alleys and little chapels hidden behind colorful bougainvilleas.

When following this trail, visitorscan also see the sights: the house of writer Pavlos Nirvanas from Skopelos, the three-story manor also known as Old Skopelos Manor or Vakratsa Manor (18th c.), another manor in the center of Chora, where the Folklore Museums is now established, whereas in the area of Ambeliki next to the port, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the archaeological site of Asklipeio. Another suggestion is to visit the white church of Panagiatou Pyrgou, literally built into the side of a cliff.

It is worth mentioning that this picturesque church of the 17th c. receives many visitors every year. The inside of the temple includes a 17th c. sculpted wooden altarpiece with themes from Old and New Testament and rich nature-themed decorations.  Other works of art include old icons of the 18th and 19th c. and an icon recovered from the sea! From there, you can follow the trail to Kastro, while enjoying the magnificent sea view.

Χάρτης Θέσεων Λιμένα Σκοπέλου 2020